About us


Wilde Town exists to empower LGBT baby boomers (our queer pioneers) to overcome the risk of marginalization and discrimination in later life by redefining the future of aging through self organization. We aim to achieve this by creating an inclusive, virtual community that helps LGBT baby boomers connect with a diverse network of queer friendly people, businesses and co-houses.

According to the LGBT Movement Advancement Project, 1/3 of LGBT Boomers say their greatest fear of aging is discrimination from both the younger (<60) LGBT community and the mainstream elderly population. As a result, they’re 80% less likely to use adult social services, are twice as likely to develop mental illnesses and tend to become institutionalized earlier than the general public. Once institutionalized, over 50% feel they must go back into the closet as protection against homophobia-forcing them to disconnect from their LGBT communities and become completely isolated.


For aging LGBT baby boomers who feel discriminated against and isolated, Wilde Town is a safe and guided social networking platform that removes the mental barriers which lead to self-isolation, thus empowering users to form meaningful bonds, join alternative care families and offer their skills to a rich and diverse community eager to connect with these pioneers of the gay liberation movement.

The project is currently in the research and development phase where we're gathering and sharing insights around:

  • shrinking social networks

  • LGBT recognition/sensitivity training

  • opportunities for intergenerational interaction

  • barriers to co-living

This site is a prototype to help us understand the needs and concerns of our queer pioneers. Feel free to explore and get in touch to learn more.